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What’s Trending in the Private Club Industry?


The private club industry has encountered many significant challenges in recent years, one of the biggest being a change in demographics. The average age is considerably lower than 10 years ago. So what do the changing demographics mean for private clubs?

“Since members are getting younger so are their families and, as a result, the needs from the club are changing. There is a greater need for family centric clubs,” says Stephen Jara, Senior Vice President of the Lifestyles Division of Golden Bear Realty.

Many clubs are embracing this new, family-friendly paradigm. Clubs are abandoning once buttoned-down strict code for a more relaxed spirit of inclusion. Monthly calendars brim with classes ranging from aerobics to tennis to Zumba. There are chef’s tables, wine tastings, themed dinners, kids’ enrichment programs, Sunday brunches and Wednesday family dinners. Clubs now emphasize their fitness centers, spa services, on-site childcare and family-centric, non-golf programming. Although golf courses remain a major amenity, it is no longer the only amenity.

“Clubs should realize that discretionary time is almost more important than money. And today’s families spend a lot more time together as a unit. In any business, knowing your customers, and their needs are key to providing the products and services they desire. As changes occur in demographics, the club must modify its offerings to meet members’ needs,” says Jara.

Today’s buyers are seeking new activities, adventures and interests that may not be a match to the club’s programming or existing facilities. The Lifestyles Division of Golden Bear Realty can help by delivering an integrated sales and marketing solution specifically designed for lifestyle and country club communities. Led by Michael Nicklaus, the Golden Bear Realty team develops successful sales programs for new and established communities. Every community is different with specific challenges and opportunities. The Golden Bear Lifestyles team is uniquely qualified to identify barriers to success and produce cost-effective solutions. For more information on the Lifestyles Division of Golden Bear Realty, click here.